The non-linear workspace frees you to create your story any way you want.

  • Brainstorm: Let your imagination run wild by dragging scenes, chapters, and parts into the workspace to capture all your ideas.
  • Organize: Connect your scenes and group them with chapters and parts -- it's easy to swap scenes around and rearrange your structure
  • Construct: Gather your ideas into a coherent, linear flow within the story stack. Go ahead and experiment -- you have the flexibility to leaves notes and unused scenes in the workspace

Develop your ideas by jotting down notes and storing research in the story cards.

  • Organize: Double-click on a story card or chapter icon to edit its contents. You can rearrange the order of scenes in here, too.
  • Develop: Any ideas you jot down here will also be visible in the sidebar of the text editor, but they won't be jumbled up with your actual manuscript.

Draft your story in a clean, distraction-free text editor.

  • Each scene is labeled with the heading you created in the workspace.
  • Easily reference your scenes notes and chapter notes as your write.
  • Quickly toggle back to the workspace to access your visual outline and work on a new scene.

View a professional looking manuscript right away

  • Your notes, research and unused scenes are hidden from view.
  • Use the table of contents to review different parts of your story
  • Generate a custom view-only link to share your work. More sharing and exporting options are coming soon!

A stroke of brilliance can happen anywhere. Don't let one slip by.

Coming soon! The mobile app will capture your inspiration-- just snap a picture, and it will show up as a custom icon in the workspace. When you are ready to write, your eureka-moment will be waiting for you in the app.